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The Team






PIEaters Fast Facts Velocity Vortex Season:

Statistics for Velocity Vortex Season:

There are over 5500 teams in FTC worldwide.  In Florida there are:

·       175 FTC teams in Florida

·       5 FTC leagues in Florida

·       26 teams in our Central Florida League called Tesla Robotics League

And PIEaters:

Competed in 2 Qualifying Meets, 1 Judgement Day, 1 League Championship, 1 Florida State Championship – first year attending, 1 South Super-Regional – first year attending

Ended the season #5 in the State of Florida


Florida State Championship – Control Award, Winner

Florida State Championship – Connect Award, 2nd Place

Florida State Championship – Compass Award Video Nomination, AJ Foster

League Championship – Winning Alliance Captain

League Championship – Control Award, Winner

League Championship – Promote Award, Finalist

League Championship – Compass Award Co-Nomination with Team 5937, AJ Foster

Qualifying Tournament #3 – Finalist Alliance Captain

Qualifying Tournament #1: Winning Alliance Captain

Qualifying Tournament #1: Think Award

Roboticon: Awesome Pit Award

Attended 4 training days

Had over 100 meetings representing over 450 hours of time

Each member has completed over 47 hours of community service (x 5 members = 235 hours total given back to the community).

Adopted a Road in the name of FIRST (and clean 4x a year), Gleaned Corn, did a community food drive, worked at a local food bank, adopted and clean a community lake lot just to name a few.

Meet a Congressman and presented to him

Created 3 videos for judging – team video, compass, promote

Created 7 training videos for new teams online, one of which has over 18,000 views

Entered the FIRST Parody Challenge and came in top 9 and recognized by FIRST as “Best Celebration of FIRST Values”

Hosted a FIRST Lego League Tournament

Visited places and things where we might like to go and work … like University of Tampa, Lockheed Martin.

Created team flyers and fund raising presentations and prepared and held business meetings with different sponsors

Fundraised over $6,300 to be financially sustainable

Learned more JAVA, CREO (computer aided design), and 3D printing

Maintained a business plan and budget

Maintained an engineering notebook

Completed outreach events where demonstrated to the public and utilized public speaking skills

Mentored younger teams in FIRST Lego League

Baked and gave away over 25 pies (the kind you eat)

PIEaters Fast Facts 2015-16: Rookie Season  RES-Q

There are over 5000 teams in FTC worldwide.  For FTC in Florida there are:
·       147 FTC teams in Florida
·       5 FTC leagues in Florida
·       19 teams in our Central Florida League called Tesla Robotics League
The RES-Q season August to January the team:
·       had over 70 meetings 
·       which is over 400 hours of time spent working
·       competed in 4 competitions, 2 conferences, 2 scrimmages
·       completed 4 videos (3 for judging - the Promote video, the Compass video, the Team video, and also Parody Video for fun)
·       learned JAVA, CREO (which is CAD - computer aided design), and 3D printing
·       created a business plan and engineering notebook
·       created team flyers and fund raising presentations and held business meetings with different sponsors 
·       fundraised over $7,500 to be financially sustainable 
·       completed 4 outreach events where they demonstrated to the public and utilized public speaking skills
·       they mentored 3 other robotics teams in the FIRST Lego League Junior and the FIRST Lego League
        volunteered time at other FIRST events
·       presented to Congressman John Mica