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    Battery industry: industrial demand and battery demand from the perspective of lithium carbonate

    Published Date:Jan.14.2016    Source£º    Author£ºShandong Xiao Yang power  Viewed£º858

    The cost of lithium carbonate is seen in polar materials, and the industrial demand and battery demand are rebalanced.

    We see that positive materials account for 44% of the cost of lithium batteries. At present, China's positive materials account for about 30% of the global market, and still have a small potential for improvement. The development of positive materials has been led to the main trend of ternary system cathode materials due to the scarcity of cobalt metal and the slow dissolution of lithium manganate due to the scarcity and high cost of cobalt metal and the slow dissolution of lithium manganese oxide. The positive materials are made of lithium carbonate, but the lithium carbonate required by different positive materials is slightly different. Theoretically, the lithium carbonate required for each kilowatt hour battery is 0.45-0.68kg, among which the lithium nicotianate (NCA) and nickel cobalt manganese acid (NCM) consume about 0.65kg. Lithium carbonate can be extracted from lithium ore and salt lake brine. The battery grade lithium carbonate in China is basically made of lithium ore, while the brine in Salt Lake can be refined abroad. The three salt lake lithium extraction giants abroad are sqm, Rockwood and FMC, which account for 62% of the global lithium market supply. Talison is the largest supplier of solid spodumene in the world, accounting for 32% of the global lithium supply, and has been acquired by Tianqi lithium industry. China has abundant industrial lithium carbonate capacity. Because the price difference between industrial grade and battery level is not large, the enterprises lack the power to further purify. With the demand for industrial lithium with the slowdown of macro-economic growth and the rapid increase of battery lithium demand, we believe that some industrial lithium enterprises will gradually enter the battery lithium market.

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