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    Implementation Rules For Three Years Warranty Of Tricycle Battery

    Published Date:Feb.02.2021    Source£º    Author£ºShandong Xiao Yang power  Viewed£º1379

    Warranty period

    Annual plus collection

    Cumulative plus collection

    Six months free



    For another 6 months



    The second year Add



    The third year Add



    1¡¢The battery of Xiao Yang electric tricycle is designed according to deep cycle and long life. The company welcomes to add money to extend the warranty period, especially for domestic freight. The specific method is: the additional payment belongs to the dealer, and the dealer is responsible for after-sales service. Xiao Yang Train dealers for free and provide complete maintenance programs.

    2¡¢The best service is no service. The company's goal is to gradually approach zero after-sales service. Strict quality control is implemented. Workers on the production line all implement a technician salary system. The batteries must be manufactured only as high-quality products, and the error rate must be controlled within 1 / 100,000. The faulty batteries shall be solved before they leave the factory.

    3¡¢The mains voltage has a great impact on battery charging. If the field voltage is too high, the charger will run out of control and cause overcharging, which will cause the battery to be scrapped within six months. Too low voltage will cause insufficient charging. Backward batteries repeatedly appear; Solution: Please select "Xiao Yang" charger.

    4¡¢Xiao Yang will systematically train business personnel and dealers to make them to be a first-class after-sales service engineer, make sure to use the charger and replenish water in a timely manner, and can confirm the charging status by checking how much water is consumed, and timely modify and adjust the charging parameters.

    5¡¢Overcharge, over discharge, under charge, lack of liquid, overload, etc., battery damage caused by failure to maintain and use according to regulations, such as the whole group scrapped due to overcharge, etc., are not covered by the warranty.

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