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    Tricycle battery: 13573340054 (Yang)

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    Xiao Yang company issues important notice about severe water shortage

    Published Date:Jan.20.2019    Source£º    Author£ºShandong Xiao Yang power  Viewed£º1020

    After research by Xiao Yang company, the partner must require the user to check the battery water consumption situation at the maintenance point every 15 days. Newly installed batteries must be checked once every 3 days. If water is consumed quickly, go to the repair point to deal with it to prevent overcharging. In case of under liquid, overcharge and other problems due to non-compliance with regulations, the company will not guarantee all of them.

    When the water consumption is too fast, there are several solutions:

    1.Turn down the charger gear to reduce the charging current;

    2.The best way is to install the voltage regulator;

    3.Change the charger.

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