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    XIAO YANG¡ªExpert Of Tubular Battery

    Published Date:Feb.29.2020    Source£º    Author£ºShandong Xiao Yang power  Viewed£º1234

            1¡¢Because the voltage of power grid fluctuates between 180V and 240V in different places, and the voltage of each family in the same area is different. Grid voltage has a great influence on battery charging.          

            The solutions are as follows:           

            It must be equipped with a special charger carefully developed by Xiao yang to ensure the normal service life of the battery; 

            It is equipped with voltage regulator (the voltage regulator of many chargers is not stable actually),           

            Time controller is used to deal with the overcharge situation.

    2¡¢The battery connection must be proper and firm, too tight will lead to deformation of lead parts, too loose will lead to spark explosion of hydrogen in the battery, so it is necessary to check whether the connection is firm frequently; it must be confirmed that the installed battery voltage is greater than 12V ¡Á pieces; when charging for the first time, it must be verified that the positive and negative electrodes of the charger correspond to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery.

    3¡¢The charging voltage is 16.2v for each one, 16V in summer, and it is normal to charge if the water consumption is 1mm for three times. When the liquid level drops, pure water must be replenished in time, which can be used as Wahaha pure water or self-made pure water from 4S shop, and mineral water or battery replenishment liquid is forbidden to be added to the battery.¡¡¡¡

    4¡¢Excessive water consumption means overcharge, and the electrolyte will appear cloudy and gradually turn red-brown; less water consumption and less running roads means undercharge. Most of the less road running means undercharge. Equipped with a density meter can confirm whether the battery is fully charged; The maximum charge capacity after the battery is used up is shown in Table 1. You can know whether the battery is normally charged by installing a special power meter.

    5¡¢Over-discharged batteries have low density, negative plate expansion, and long lead wool, which severely shortens battery life. The best way to prevent over-discharge is to properly select the battery model. For details, see Appendix 2. The electric vehicle electricity meter is actually a voltage indicator. You should charge before it drops to 80. You can charge the battery at any time when the vehicle is running a lot. You must charge the battery immediately after use and leave it for no more than 12 hours. Keep the surface of the battery clean and the exhaust holes open.

    6¡¢General troubleshooting solutions

    6.1 The initial capacity is not good. If the water consumption is very slow, you can extend the charging time or replace the charger appropriately.

    6.2 Capacity or mileage has suddenly decreased. Check whether the circuit connection is loose and rule out short circuit or broken battery.

    6.3 During charging the electrolyte is black, the temperature is too high. And the mileage is shortened. The battery is scrapped due to overcharging.

    6.4 The electrolyte becomes yellow, red, or odorous, which is caused by the electrolyte mixed with iron, salt, and unknown liquid.

    6.5 The redness and bursting of the positive plate of the battery, and the redness of the injection cap are caused by the failure to replenish pure water in time.

    6.6 The whole battery fails, mostly due to overcharging, over-discharging, once running out of liquid, and adding unknown objects.

    6.7 If there is a problem with the battery pack, the biggest possibility is that one battery is faulty. You can measure each battery in the ¡°refueling¡± critical state. The particularly fast voltage drop is the faulty battery.

    6.8 It is not allowed to mix different brands batteries, old and new batteries match.

    6.9 The dealer must strictly check the faulty battery. In order to prevent customers from returning batteries that have been used improperly, resulting in loss of freight.

    7¡¢The battery is transported to prevent violent impact, sun, rain, and inverted. Handle it with care during loading and unloading. Do not drop, roll or press it. It should be stored in a clean and dry room at a temperature of 5 to 45 ¡ã C. Ventilate regularly; avoid direct sunlight and keep away from heat sources; stored batteries are recharged every 30 days.

    8¡¢The electrolyte is corrosive. If it gets on the skin, please wash it with plenty of water and seek medical treatment. Children should not touch it.

    ¡¡¡¡9¡¢Vehicle manufacturers and dealers are welcome to ask questions in time for improvement.
           Attached table 1: maximum charging capacity of single battery after power consumption






    Electricity consumption£¨kilowatt hour£©





    Attached table 2: battery selection table of tricycle (reference value)

    Mileage per day for vehicles with four batteries

    Selected battery specifications





    Freight tricycle

    passenger tricycle

    below 40

    below 60





















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