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    Contact person: Manager Li

    Sales hotline: 0516-86607758

    After-sales hotline :

    Tricycle battery: 13573340054 (Yang)

    Forklift  battery: 18451555796 (Liu)

    Fax: 0516-86607785
    Address: Pizhou High-tech Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province

    Passenger Tricycle 6-DG-160

    Product Introduction:

    Product Features

    ¡ñThe positive grids are formed by multi-element corrosion-resistant alloy die casting, which delays the corrosion of lead bars and ensures the service life of products.

    ¡ñBatteries use 1 # electrolytic lead (99.994%) with high purity, less impurities and low self-discharge.

    ¡ñThe batteries made of high porosity and low internal resistance porous and high quality oblique PE separators have excellent discharge performance.

    ¡ñThe monomer batteries manufactured by the advanced acid recycle formation system in the world have high consistency.

    Product Parameters

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